We ACE are Authorized Dealer for Symphony Ducted Coolers.

Ducted Coolers with Thermostat

Ducted Cooler with thermostat

Now bring an Air Cooling System that makes centralized cooling possible in your home, or office for that matter, at a fraction of the installation and maintainance costs compared to normal air conditioners. That it brings about a lesser spend on electricity is an added advantage, of course.

Symphony Ducted Coolers come with a factory-installed Thermostat control which automatically maintains temperature using the least amount of energy possible. These units also come with a pre-installed Drain Pump that automatically cleans the coolers, thereby increasing the performance of the cooler.

Ducted Coolers

Ducted Cooler

These Symphony Ducted Coolers come durable and reliable hight-efficiency cooling media, delivering better cooling than traditional coolers. These coolers are designed for applications where multiple rooms need to be cooled by a single unit.

Industrial High Performance Premium Coolers

Industrial premium coolers

We provide window and split/ Ductable Air Conditioners, Deep Freezers, Water Coolers, Bottle Coolers, Chest Frezeers, Chillers of all make and all capacities.

Water Chillers for Industrial and Commercial Applications.

We are the Authorized Dealer for Insuboard Heat Insulation Product of Supreme Petrochem Ltd.

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