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Looking For Air Cooling and Ducting Services to keep you Cool and Comfortable when climate is harsh outside?

When indoor air is not as per your body comfort temperature level, Shreyas Aircon is expert to offer Air cooling and ducting services. We at Shreyas Aircon which is HVAC company having experience of more than 22 + Years serving happy clientele base of more than 200 across India most of them are in Nagpur, Raipur, Jabalpur and Indore. Did uou know that air inside any room is more polluted than outside? Forget the pain and leave it on us because our Director Mr Sanjay Kanetkar is experienced HVAC expert and thechnicians working under his guidance are well qualified and always ready to help customer’s need with latest technology and equipments. 



Air Cooling and Ducting Services

High quality with superior workmanship air ducting services are offered with the most competitrive price and excellent after sales service. This are used to deliver and remove air from rooms or space.

Air Cooling Service

We are leading air cooling providers in central India region. We offer our services to corporate as well as residential sectors. This are technique used to dissipate heat from the closed space .

Central Air Cooling

Central air cooling is the process in which required space is cooled using single evaporative air cooler wit the help of ducts installed in various places in space.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is the process of removing heat from room using airconditioning units and air ducts installed to deliver and remove air from the room. Shreyas Aircon is leading centrail air conditioning service provider

Thermal Insulation

This is a special engineering process which stops heat transfer from a closed room which is air cooled or air conditioned. This is a important process in air cooling and air conditioning service.

Conventional Evaporative Air Coolers

High quality air coolers are supplied by shreyas aircon. This are evaporative air cooler which are mostly used in hot and dry weather. To get air coolers at competitive proce, please contact shreya air con now.

Air Ventilation System

Proper ventillation is very important in your home, working space or commercial space. Absense of proper air ventillation amy result in accumulation of toxic co2 inside space and may prove fatal.

Industrial Air Coolers

Heavy duty air coolers are efficient and cost effective way to cool the commercial area sucha s factories and malls. Its heavy duty motor and high grade honey comb water evaporator. Contact shreyas aircon for industrial air coolers.

Air Cooler Designing Services

Shreyas aircon offers designing service for air cooling requirement for commercial vendors as well as to end user. To get the customized air cooling design with proper heat audit please contact us.

Cold Rooms

Cold rooms are used by commercial companies such as pharmaceuticles and agriculture to store the products below out side temperature to assure products does not gets damaged. We build cold rooms at effective rates.

Industrial Water Chillers

Industrial water chillers are used for many pruposes used in manufacturing. We build efficient water chillers for your industrial needs. Please contact shreyas aircon for quality water chillers.

Deep Freezers

Deep freezers are use to store various food products in homes and commercial shops. We manufacture and supply efficient deep freezers for your use.

Installation Services

We undertake installation of air conditioning, air coolers, air ducts at very competitive rates. To know know more about our installation services, kindly contact us.

Maintenance Services

All maintenance service of HVAC equipments are carried out by shreyas aircon. It may be air ducts , air conditioner or air conditioner plant, all we do efficiently and effectively. Kindly contact shreyas air confor more info.

Air exhaust Systems

Air exhaust is very essential in air cooled space so that hot air makes its way outside the room to make air cooling more effective. We design and install most efficient air exhaust system for your space. Kindly contact us for more information


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Air cooling and ducting service

Why Air Cooling?

Why Air cooling with ducting during summer? Shreyas aircon is expert in duct air cooling with experience of over 25 years. Reason we must prefer aircooling with ducting is predicted here.

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