Why air cooling to be done?

Air cooling is preferred in areas or location where summers are very hot and less than 10% humidity in air. Air conditioning may also work efficiently in such areas. As far as Nagpur city is concerned, summer season here occurs in the month of March to May every year. Temperature in Nagpur goes to 44 to 49 degree Celsius in this months and humidity is less than 5%.

Due to extreme hot and dryness, people of Nagpur prefer air coolers here which works more efficiently. Air conditioners also works here but if you are looking for energy efficient and low cost alternative than air coolers are any time better here. If you provide centralized air cooling by providing proper air ducting to your building then more comfortable temperatures can be achieved in summer season too.

Why air cooling is more preferred over air conditioner

Low cost and affordable to every class of peopleHigher cost and can be afforded by high income groups
Consumes very small electricity Consumes large electricity
Effectively works with air ducting and low costEffectively works with central air conditioning but very expensive
Easily installedInstalled by proffesionals

Air cooling with air ducts are easy to install but still requires trained professionals to install it at your homes or commercial area. Experienced air cooling engineers and contractors are required. Air cooling is done by Shreyas Aircon in Nagpur and surrounding areas.

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